Monday, May 28, 2007

Garden, End of May

When Mom was visiting the house in April, I had the big idea to compact what was a large square-ish sort of shade bed into more of an L-shape that hugged the house more. This was going to require a lot of moving stuff and the growing of some new grass, but Mom was up to the task. She achieved it all in three days. I highly recommend her if you need some slave labor. So anyway, here are some pics of the results.

The main thing that happened was that the little nothing fountain that was sort of floating in the middle of nothing was now a focal point, just by running the little rock border right through the middle of the fountain circle. It's amazing how much of a player it is now. Sister Meg helped me dig the hole so that I could have a totally flush-with-the-ground fountain and a friend donated the tub and the flat slate-y looking rocks. I already had the bamboo spout. I love the way the rest of the bed spreads out from it.

And here are some miscellaneous other pictures of the patio/shade garden area. We moved most of the stuff at the wrong time, so I think next year it'll be amazing. As it is, I'm still thrilled beyond belief.

The small bed, across the rock path from the bigger bed. A lot moved out of here into the larger bed, so it's a little potted-plant heavy and a little puny-looking so far. I love that pulmonaria.

Japanese iris and lily-of-the-valley, both liberated from my grandmother's house a few years ago. They're thriving here; this year I had over 20 blossoms on the iris plants.

Meyer lemon buds. These got knocked off in a thunderstorm, so I have to wait for the next round to get a lemon, I think.

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