Tuesday, June 12, 2007

You Read All These?

A friend asked via email the other day to show him what the office looked like now, so here's a bunch of that. All but one short wall of books are visible in the following pictures. You also get a good view of the infamous book-page chandelier (pages from Tess, since you're gonna ask) a friend made me, modelled after one Ingo Mauer designed. It's served its puprose, though, for years and is coming down in the near future, since I need a little more light in the room now that it's an office. Yes, those are Flor tiles; I recommend them, though those particular stripe-y ones are really hard to vacuum. You also get to see a little of the office chair. Lucky!

The books are organized alphabetically by author; Fiction first. Then Non. If an author has written both, the Non gets filed with the Fiction, as do biographies of authors.

I'm out of shelves, as is indicated by all those Great Books volumes my parents bought when I was a child jammed up there on the top. And like everyone with more than five books, I get the question "Did you read all these?" all the time. The answer of course is "no," though I lie all the time and say "of course!"

I try to keep the tchotchkes to a minimum, though there are a few pinecones from various travels, a couple of Adler pots and this lovely tableaux of Bigfoot posing in front of a vintage redwood postcard. It's one of my favorite things in the whole house.


Kaethe said...

Beautiful. I could look at pictures of your house all day.

Actually, shouldn't your truthful answer be "no, none of them"?

Susan said...

Wow. Swoooony!