Thursday, March 20, 2008

Office Space

So! My company (er, we haven't updated in a while. Or maybe ever.) is moving. We're going from a fourth-floor corporate-y environment to a really raw space in an up-and-coming neighborhood just south of downtown (but still walkable). We're sharing a building with Crema, the new high-end fancy coffee spot...that's Loretta parked right out front! The Crema people are really cool, in that coffee shop way that I always like. Rave review for Crema.

Here are a few of the "before" pictures. The windows are currently papered, but the room will be filled with natural light. The walls will all be white, with the one long window-less one painted traffic-cone orange. Leaning on that orange wall will be big 4x8 panels of chalkboard. Also included is a picture of the giant bridge visible from our front window. Most of the work we have to have done is going to be bartered, so that's a relief. I certanly don't look forward to the painting part, though.

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