Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Why People Who DON'T Live in California Hate the People Who DO

Last weekend took me to the magical land of California for a whirlwind weekend of Bob's birthday revelry, art acquisition and wine-drinking. I flew into Sacramento on Friday and had dinner with Mom and Dad in Lodi (sloppy joes, a food I never ever think about but really really LOVE) and then the next day we hopped into the car and drove over to Vallejo to surprise Bob. We drank champagne in the middle of the day and then went wine-tasting in Sonoma, at Bartholomew Park. A short hike up into the hills above the winery, a short hike back down, then on to Buena Vista for a few more sips of something or other and a whole lot of attitude. But I promised to quit bitching about it already. Then several fierce rounds of petanque, then dinner - New York strips, pasta tossed with parmesan and favas from Karen's garden, salad. Wine. WINE. Wine.

Sunday we went to Alameda for the flea market, which you aren't supposed to call a flea market but instead something la-ti-da like the Alameda Old Stuff Sale or WHATEVER. They had everything you can imagine there except an ATM, which was weird and insanely frustrating. I ended up getting an engraving of a birds' nest just by being nice: the guy said "oh, send me a check whenever." So that was nice (and yes, I've since sent the check). Then we ate and window-shopped in Berkeley for a little while, then home to Lodi for outdoor hamburgers with the neighbors.

The whole weekend was a big fat argument for moving to California: champagne, wine, fava beans, free stuff. On the way back Monday, I got my usual coming-back-from-CA blues, trying to figure out why I live where I live. La la la. Maybe one day.


Kitt said...

Jealous! Alameda's where I hang out mostly when I'm in California, but I've only been to the antique market once. They do have cool stuff there.

What a nice surprise for Bob, and a treat for you.

DG Strong said...

I had a four hour layover in Denver; I almost emailed you!

Niki said...

I swear half the reason I'm moving to Nevada is because I'll be that much closer to the Bay Area. Where I've never been, but whatevs.

Kitt said...

Well, you should've emailed me! I might've been free for a beer or something. Next time ...

Stoph said...

You want to live There because its not Here. That is why I want to live There, or CO, or WA, or NY, or the Caribbean. The grass is always greener...

Meg said...

Stop this. You are not allowed to move. Period.

Bobert said...

Like I told dg, "California's cool and all but it's always better with dg".

Now, as far as that whole "hating people who live in California" thing goes, it's OK, we understand.

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