Thursday, August 7, 2008

Eastward Ho! Day 6: Moab, UT ---> Grand Junction, CO

Today was a short day; I had to do some work and I had to get to a motel in time to do laundry, so I only did a couple of amazing things as opposed to the five million amazing things I've done every day so far.

I left Moab and took the Colorado River Road up past Fisher Towers, seen in every movie ever set in the west. I stopped and took some pictures but the parking lot was dirty-hippie infested so I didn't stay long. Today was overcast again, so the towers looked like the poked up into the clouds. Pretty dramatic.

Then on across the state line to Colorado National Monument outside Grand Junction; cloudy and rainy, which minimized visibility. Crappy gift shop, if you're keeping score. I can't figure out why the National Park Service gets t-shirts so consistently wrong.

Now the laundry's in. Motel breakdown so far: Motel 6es are the most consistent, though internet access is tricky and frequently not as advertised; one night I piggy-backed on a KOA wireless signal because the Motel 6 one was so weak. Travelodges are dirty. And the two indies I've been to were wildly different but both managed to smell like cheese.

Tonight, some small plates at some wine joint. Tomorrow: Black Canyon of the GUnnison National Park and then a loooong drive to Pueblo.


lewarkk said...

You can do my laundry any time, buddy, and be my tour guide, too.

lewarkk said...

Question: So, is this trip taking longer than planned?

DG Strong said...

No, I'm right on schedule.

Kitt said...

If only you'd left a day earlier ...

Plus, I should have recommended a B&B in Fruita. The town that is home to Mike the Headless Chicken.