Saturday, October 25, 2008

Reunited and it Feels So Good!

Last night I had dinner with an old friend. Not a friend who is old but someone I've known longer than almost anyone I still speak to. But the funny thing is we hadn't spoken in like fifteen years. Maybe even longer. I acted like a jerk once and anyone who knows me knows I am not really an apologizer so the jerkiness stood uncorrected forever. And then out of the blue she emailed me and she didn't make me apologize and then we went to dinner and now it's like I have my old best friend back! It's like magic. Or AA where they make you make amends but you still get to drink! Best of both worlds! But I do know she reads this so I really do apologize for being a jerk.

Now our mutual best friend Jeff can talk about us in front of each other, which he couldn't do before and I think that has been making him crazy for fifteen years.

And Sarah's a camper so now I can quit bothering everyone else in my life with my constant "would you like to go camping?" inquiries. You're all off the hook!


Debi said...

Oh, how great is that? It's nice to hear good things.

Marlena said...

Me too. I want to have the long-time-no-speak dinner. Hi DG and Sarah. It's Marlena.

Park Girl said...

I highly recommend reconnecting with all of your old friends. It makes your heart beat more lovely.

Katharine Weber said...

Careful! Say things with phrases like that to DG and he's likely to reverse course.