Saturday, January 31, 2009

Sarcastic Voice: "Well, That Was Easy"

Someone just reminded me that I never posted pics of the final end results of the bathroom renovation. The main reason behind that is because it's JUST NOW FINISHED. Anyway. One day I'll post the whole long involved story so you can all be warned away from ever undertaking any sort of project whatsoever. But in the meantime, here are the pictures.

There are a couple of things I'd do differently but overall, it turned out almost exactly as envisioned.


nbm said...

looks great, DG -- clean and elegant but roughed up a little by the pebble floor, which I love. Come Spring, maybe an orange tulip on the shelf?

DG Strong said...

Yeah, figuring out what the one color punch should be has been tricky. I've been fiddling around with citrus green objects and towels but pulled them all out for the pictures! Orange is good too.

Kitt said...

Gorgeous! Did you put radiant heating under the floor? Love the pebbles. And I agree with nbm. Orange would look very nice.

Stoph said...

Well, the complaints must have been taken seriously, as they are dissolving the Expo...

DG Strong said...

They're actually processing a partial refund for us.

No radiant heating; that's one of the things I'd do diffferently. There's a floor vent you might be able to see under the sink

Lisa said...

That floor is like looking at porn for my feet -- I can feel my soles tingling. It's just beautiful.

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