Friday, June 26, 2009

Camp Junebug

Back to Big South Fork, with Mom, Dad, Sister Meg and The Burns. Camped next to a raft-load of Jesusy teens, singing Jesusy type songs. Hymns, I guess you'd call them. They had no qualms about singing them at top volume waaaay past the Official Quiet Time hours, so they can all just fuck right off.

ANYWAY! The Burns settles in to his tent:

Dad and Mom and Junebug (one day Junebug will be MINE and she will be COVERED with STICKERS!):

Fancy dinner (NY Strip, sauteed sweet potatoes, spinach with lemon and garlic):

The Burns sleeps:

The Burs settles in for a hike with Sister Meg:

And then she threw the dog in the river:

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