Monday, November 26, 2007

Chicken and Waffles

It does seem like Nashville suddenly has like fifteen new crazy places to eat. The latest addition is the Chicken and Waffles joint, where I had the pleasure of dining with my friend Lauren a few weeks ago. It's exactly what it sounds like: fried chicken and waffles. they also have omelets and some other stuff, though why anyone would resist getting a combo platter with chicken and waffles is beyond me. It's like people who go to The Palm and order the vegetarian plate.

Anyway, the chicken was fantastic, easily the best fried chicken (non-Hot Chicken division) in town and the waffle was fluffy and light. I was surprised how good everything tasted together. I'll be going again; it was really inexpensive, though it does take quite a bit of time. I think they pan-fry the chicken, which does take a bit longer. But they put everything on nice plates and the place isn't completely unpleasant, though it still feels like a converted fast food joint, which it is. Still: delicious.