Wednesday, November 14, 2007

No Wonder I Liked the Potatoes So Much!

Well, that clears that up. 36 plastic bags of marijuana found in the dead baked potato guy's business.

But I love the reader post after the article that says "Do we have to demand some Federal Troops in here to protect our citizens?" Really, if you have any free time, the Tennessean Reader Forums are the looniest place outside of the Free Republic ones.

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hamletta said...

Oh, my.

Yes, The Tennessean's boards are wingnut central.

I quit going to the Turner Classic Movies boards for the same reason. I'd go back when they were doing a month-long tribute to Bollywood, and it was like Stormfront or something.

But anyway, I just Googled you because another favorite blogger has a new Jane Austen book out.

It's considerably below your speed, but it made me think of you.

Oh, and I am I, the Lux.