Thursday, July 31, 2008


Sweet fancy Moses! My parents bought a teardrop trailer, only my #1 most-desired thing on the planet. And it's apparently not a gift! I don't know what they're thinking; it's so clearly meant to be mine it isn't even funny, ha ha, no I am not laughing.

I arrived in California today to pick up Mom's suspiciously-un-towbar-equipped VW Beetle to drive back across America to Tennessee. Imagine how much motel money I would save if I could bring back the teardrop trailer as well! But no, they're having none of it; they have some big idea that they're going to camp in it when they drive back next week. I KNOW! Rude!

More about this unforeseen development later, when I can speak without hissing.


Kitt said...

The label says it all.

Tana Butler said...

Can we get a photo with the door open? Please?

Stoph said...

That is adorable! You're gonna be mad when I buy one, right?

Jenna said...

Oh that's so nice of them to buy that for me for my upcoming birthday. Oh, wait, that's right -- they don't know me. Darn.

And, yes, they should have let you take the trailer.