Tuesday, July 1, 2008

A Shaved Cat and Something That Scares Me

Absolutely nothing of interest happened this whole livelong week, so now this blog is officially like every other blog on the internet, posting pictures of cats. I went on a pretty difficult five-mile hike with my friend Carol and sort of hurt my foot a little bit. I went to a Slow Food hot dog thing where they were selling crazy artisan hot dogs. I had my cat shaved.

Then I saw this truck. It's been parked in this space for a few days and has tickets on the windshield. I am secretly hoping all the bodies of the Word Championship Barbershop Quartet singers are stacked up in the back, because almost nothing scares me quite as much as a barbershop quartet. And I just found out this very minute that the International Headquarters for that stuff is just feet from my office! What if I run into one of them on the street? Good thing the Supreme Court says I can use a handgun in self-defense. Which I will totally do if I hear any unsolicited four-part harmony.


Kitt said...

You've got some serious lolcat potential there ...

Rachel said...

Barbershop quartets
should be banned in fifty states --
they grate on the nerves.


DG Strong said...

I just found out there's a CONVENTION going on here. A BARBERSHOP QUARTET convention. I have to stay huddled in the dark in my house until I'm sure they're all gone.

Tana Butler said...

That cat is definitely not lol'ing.

avidreader said...

Your cat should scare you.

Mignon said...

DG, why'd you shave your cat?

Leah said...

Ms. Bigface looks like Karen Carpenter. But if she's not eating you could try Gerbers chicken baby food. It's like kitty crack cocaine.

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