Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The Bookcase Project :: Bookcase 3

Bookcase 3, Shelf 1: Byatt, AS - Dibdin, Michael - Doty, Mark
Quantity: 27 / Quantity Read: 18
Candidate: The Last Thing He Wanted, Joan Didion

Bookcase 3, Shelf 2: Doty, Mark - Ellis, Bret Easton
Quantity: 33 / Quantity Read: 23
Candidate: Oscar Wilde Discovers America, Louis Edwards

Bookcase 3, Shelf 3: Ellroy, James - Firbank, Ronald
Quantity: 18 / Quantity Read: 13
Candidates: All of the Firbanks
Also on this shelf: one graphite on wood painting by Jeremy Lehmann

Bookcase 3, Shelf 4: Fischer, Tibor - Ford, Ford Madox
Quantity: 17 / Quantity Read: 10
Candidates: I Wake Up Screaming, Steve Fisher; Not Now But Now, MFK Fisher
Also on this shelf: a television, a cable box, a rock from Eureka Springs, Arkansas

Bookcase 3, Shelf 5: Ford, Catherine - Gaitskill, Mary
Quantity: 29 / Quantity Read: 22
Candidate: The Life to Come, EM Forster

Bookcase 3, Shelf 6: Gaitskill, Mary - Gilchrist, Ellen
Quantity: 33 / Quantity Read: 16
Candidates: Collected Stories, Gabriel Garcia Marquez; Age of Miracles, Ellen Gilchrist

Bookcase 3, Shelf 7: Gilchrist, Ellen - Greene, Graham
Quantity: 33 / Quantity Read: 15
Candidates: all of the Henry Green books

1 comment:

Pam J. said...

Hey. Did you take my books? Looks like it. I just stumbled across your blog... well, this blog ... and saw what looked suspiciously like MY books. I can't wait to go back to all 3 parts of your book project and check out all the photos. Reading only from your own book stash is a heretical idea. But very, very intriguing. I must ponder this. (I think I found my way to you via Kittalog, she of the Denver bees.)