Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Favorite Things, #3 & 4

One concrete bunny, from my grandmother's house up in the Blue Ridge Mountains, Wits' End.

Liberace potholder from the Liberace Museum in Las Vegas. When I went to the Liberace Museum, there was a nice lady in a blazer who filled us in on all the details about each little brooch and outfit in the museum. For like an hour. When I thanked her and said she should probably get back to guiding other people around, she looked puzzled and said "oh, I don't work here dear!" and then she pulled out a knife and stabbed us. Okay, not the last part.


Sarah said...

I have to agree - if I had to guess a museum you could get stabbed in, the Liberace Museum would be the one.
Anyway, I found your blog in a link on another blog I follow - looked it over and enjoyed it. I can relate to the "no new books" thing since I had to quite visiting book stores or face financial ruin. Not really, but it was close.
You might like my blog, or not, but check it out and see.


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