Monday, June 9, 2008

Blackboard Bungle

So! Making a chalkboard wall is easy. But messy! I looked like a dalmatian when it was all over, desperately looking for my parents, Pongo and Perdita. Also? Putting a vase of sunflowers in a room makes everything better. We're waiting on backsplash tile samples to arrive but I think it might be a combo of clear white and grey, but I can't say that out loud or Sister Meg will choose the pink.


Kaethe said...

Now I want a chalk board wall.

lewarkk said...


Jenna said...

Enjoy your chalkboard wall. I have a magnetic wall and it makes me happy happy. Hopefully your multi-tasking wall (separates rooms and you can write on it!) will do the same for you and Madam Meg. (No pink!)