Thursday, June 19, 2008

Garden of Eden

I went out to lovely Bon Aqua yesterday afternoon to my friends Suzy and Jason's farm to celebrate the birthday of Jason's oldest daughter Kelsey, who lives in Australia now and looks just like Olivia Newton-John, which she didn't like me saying over and over. Jason has struggled for years getting the garden to really work. He's on the road a lot being a rock star, so a lot of the work is left to Suzy to do and well, sometimes things get away from her.

For the past two years, though, Jason designed the garden as a series of raised boxes. And it's perfection - there's landscape cloth down under the entire garden and then each box is filled with produce of various sorts. Not a single weed. It's surrounded by a mildly-electrified fence to keep rabbits and raccoons out. I wish I was a better picture-taker, because it really does look like a magazine layout. Jason built all the out-buildings from scrap lumber, including this little garden shed. It's the sort of garden I always thought I could handle if I could ever figure out how to do.

By the way, the Americana Music Association is honoring Jason and his band, Jason and the Scorchers, this year with a Lifetime Achievement award. It's a big deal.


Greg Crutcher said...

Jason Ringenberg is my hero. And Suzy's pretty cool, too.

DG Strong said...

I mentioned to him yesterday that you had cropped up on my blog. Of course he said "what's a blog?"

Lisa said...

Psst, dg, it's really easy! Get the All New Square Foot Gardening and do everything he says -- it's like Raised Beds for Dummies. We did it at Casa Mappa Mundi and now we have this big vegetable garden in our Bronx back 40. Not as neat and aesthetically pleasing as your friend's, but still -- we have crops. And if we can do it, anyone can.