Friday, June 6, 2008

Consumer Report: Kitchen

Some of you may know that Chez Strong has been undergoing a double bathroom renovation for over two years. I'll post more about that disaster one day, when I can do it without typing "motherfucker" over and over for three weeks. What you might not know is that we decided to do a kitchen update - on a whim! - about six weeks ago. In contrast with the bathroom nightmare, i's going along swimmingly so far - we're doing it through different people, and they seem delighted to show up the other contractor. The new counters and sink went in yesterday. Before:

Annnnnnd After:

This weekend, the chalkboard paint goes up on two walls. We're back to the drawing board on the backsplash. Our initial selections looked a little "off-the-shelf" and we want something, um, specialer. So we're on the hunt for some white glass tiles that aren't $35 per square foot. It'll go all the way down to the counter - we got rid of that stupid little two inch thing that was at the back of the counter. Why do people have that?


jenna said...

Ohh I like! And enjoy the chalkboard wall. I have a magnetized wall in my office (it's a pain to paint the primer on but it's well worth the effort) and I just love it -- it's like magic.

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