Monday, June 23, 2008

Oh God, the Moon Pie Festival

I can't really explain it. Really. Just put all these words in your brain: Moon Pie, RC Cola, Goo Goo Cluster, Holy Grail, Wading Pool, General Hospital star Lane Davies, A Midsummer Night's Dream, Queen Bowel-ina, Mother Goo, and Jazz Hands. Now: mix them up and try to come up with a plot for it all. No matter what you invent, it will never approach the sheer insanity of the Moon Pie Festival.

Here I am! I'm the one with the shapely legs!

World's Largest Moon Pie. Bigger than it looks.

A woman dressed as a Goo Goo cluster, frolicking in the Holy Grail with two shirtless teenagers. You know: the usual.

RC and Moon Pie: 2gether 4ever!

Jazz hands.


Cara deBeer said...

wow. I wouldn't have thought that was what a GooGoo cluster looked like, but I'm from the north, so what do I know?

Leslie Johnston said...

Oh my freaking god, your rville description didn't even do it justice.

Kaethe said...

I'm just devastated that my father didn't live to attend the RC Cola and Moon Pie Festival.

Hey, could you explain what's going on in that RC and Moon Pie picture? Because there appears to be a headless female in a prom dress involved, and I can't figure that part out.

DG Strong said...

She's actually behind the Moon Pie, doing something with the wading pool. If you look closely, she has blue water-wings on her arms.

Kaethe said...

Water wings, huh? I would never have guessed that there were water wings and wading pools involved. I am relieved to discover that the blue fairy is not being devoured by the moon pie. Thanks.

Katharine Weber said...

Significantly, the Goo Goo Cluster was Ernest Borgnine's favorite candy.

Stoph said...

Lane Davies used to do the Shakespeare Festival at Oglethorpe University in Atlanta every summer. Is the Moon Pie festival a step up, or down? (FYI, he was also Mason on Santa Barbara...)

DG Strong said...

I knew he had an NBC soap in his past! I kept saying "Another World," but Sister Meg remembers "Another World" and kept saying "no."

He was there because he's part of the Tennessee Shakespeare Festival, which is doing stuff in Bell Buckle this weekend and next.

Carol Hetyey said...

You just can't do it justice. You forgot the hog calling, Moon Pie Toss (pelting really), RC dash, and watermelon seed spitting contest. Oh, you also forgot the deep fried Moon Pie.

You truly undersold this one.