Friday, February 13, 2009

Almost finished!

The cabinet project turned out really pretty, though everything took longer, especially because I put stuff back in one of them and it all stuck and then I had to repaint. Also a Typical Strong Family Crisis has arisen: the sea mist green Fiesta plates in our Fiesta color mix look icky in the green cabinets. So we have to replace all the sea-foam green ones with the shamrock green, even though I think food will look gross on it like it does on the persimmon orange that I already can't even eat off of.

Sea mist green has been discontinued and I'm going to let my friend Janet in NYC have it if she wants it, but if she doesn't, let me know in the comments and you'll be next up. Two dinner plates, two bread plates, two mugs with saucers, two cereal bowls, one vegetable bowl, one platter thingy. two bouillon bowls. The only person who can't have it is one Mr. Joseph F from Chicago who is a LIAR who doesn't do what he SAYS he's going to do when you send him the Fiesta he ASKS for and if I could leave NEGATIVE FEEDBACK on his LIFE, well I WOULD.

ANYWAY! Look how pretty. I like that it's this crazy intense green when you open them but when the doors are closed, you just get a little hint.


Rooie said...


So, still no relish, huh?

DG Strong said...


Rooie said...

Sadly, no.

And in those cabinets, one would.

Katharine Weber said...

Putting up a hand for the Sea Mist Green Fiesta ware for our older daughter, who is just setting up an apartment in NY. (But something tells me it won't be available.)

lewarkk said...

Green is good.

Janet said...

DG, your cabinets are lovely!

I e-mailed you from my work address today - not sure if you got it, though. I tried to post a comment from work but the Powers That Be said I didn't have a blogger account & that I needed to sign in to my G-mail account, which I can't do from work, upon penalty of death & dismemberment, etc., etc., etc. But then I check in here from home & I'm (apparently and quite magically) all registered... Go figure!

Anyhow, I very, very much appreciate your offer - so sweet of you to think of me & my Fiestaware collection! - and if I had the counter/shelf space, I would *totally* take you up on it, but I don't, so I can't, alas. :( Cross your fingers and hope that I don't break any of my Fiestaware in the foreseeable future!