Sunday, February 8, 2009

Sister Meg's Pocketbook Wall

Somebody asked to see this so y'alls all gotta suffer cause this was the best way to show them....and I thought it might be nice to get the dead cat post off the top.

This is Sister Meg's pocketbook wall. She collects this one kind of pocketbook - Enid Collins box bags. Not the canvas ones, just the wooden boxes. It's pretty arresting when you walk up the stairs and you see them all like art on the wall. Also, they have to be from the era when Enid's husband made the boxes and she painted them, not after they started being manufactured by some company. Also, painted backgrounds are preferable. She never carries them because people ask her about them NON-STOP (seriously, every single person asks about them) and Sister Meg does not like to be the center of attention. Which is my strongest piece of evidence that she's adopted.

She has one that's a donkey and one that's an elephant and they have the words "People's Choice" on them.

When she lived in Atlanta, someone broke into her house and nearly went crazy opening all the pocketbooks looking for money. It must have been very frustrating.

If you look closely on the lower left of that upper pic, you can see Buster, one of our un-dead cats.

1 comment:

Kitt said...

What a terrific collection. And a nice way to display them!

Have you ever shown Meg my poodle purse? I've never seen another one like it, so I wonder if it's also from that era. (It's in this post.)