Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Earth Day

Today I made a terrarium because my friend Beth has one and I am so jealous of it I can hardly stand it. Plus I think our gradually re-modeled kitchen could use a little something organic in it besides that gnocchi that fell down between the stove and the counter that we are not talking about.

Anyway! It's easy. First you get a jar (Target!) and put some pebbles in it. These came from an aquarium supply store.

Then you add activated charcoal, also available from an aquarium supply store. By the way: in my experience, people who have aquariums are weirdos. That's not part of the terrarium lesson, it's just a fact you should file away. Oh and also, the aquarium supplies are usually uncomfortably close to the snake aisle at most pet shops so be prepared for that because they do not like it when you shriek out loud repeatedly at the pet store. Again, in my experience.

Okay! So then you add some moss (it keeps the about-to-be-added soil from filtering down into the gravel. Neato!) and then some plain old potting soil. Then a plant or two. I bought a too-big one but we'll see.

I also added a Bigfoot.

And now I'm off to do other things from the seventies, like make a macrame pocketbook and/possibly/or swing with the neighbors! See you later!


Park Girl said...

Wait a minute! Is that all? Do you add water? Do you put the top on it? I'm going to need more information.

DG Strong said...

Oh, yes, both of those.

DG Strong said...

It's already making steam! Or whatever that is in there.

Leah said...

Is that a bird's nest fern? One of my favorites.

Lisa said...

Pret-ty. Maybe some gods-eyes next?

Greg Crutcher said...

Bigfoot good, ugh.