Thursday, February 26, 2009

The Bookcase Project :: Bookcase 1

Here we go! Due to continuing financial hardship, I am on a strict no-new-books policy, so I'm determined to shop from my own shelves, to revisit titles I loved or to read ones I haven't gotten to yet.
One bookcase documented per week (more or less), until I'm done, noting candidates for near-future reading as I go.

Bookcase 1, Shelf 1: Ackerley, JR - Ashbery, John
Quantity: 29 / Quantity Read: 18
Candidates: Little Men, Louisa May Alcott; Beyond the Mountain, Elizabeth Arthur

Bookcase 1, Shelf 2: Ashbery, John - de Balzac, Honore
Quantity: 32 / Quantity Read: 22
Candidates: Lady Susan, Jane Austen; Another Country, James Baldwin

Bookcase 1, Shelf 3: Ashbery, John - Beerbohm, Max
Quantity: 31 / Quantity Read: 19
Candidate: A Favorite of the Gods, Sybille Bedford

Bookcase 1, Shelf 4: Begley, Louis - Benson, EF
Quantity: 27 / Quantity Read: 20
Also on this shelf: antique glass slide featuring a cocker spaniel and the words "Topsy," "No Fear" and "No Alcohol
Candidates: Writing Home, Alan Bennett; Colin, EF Benson

Bookcase 1, Shelf 5: Benson, EF - Blackburn, Julia
Quantity: 26 / Quantity Read: 18
Candidate: none

Bookcase 1, Shelf 6: Blackburn, Julia - Brandeis, Gayle
Quantity: 28 / Quantity Read: 14
Candidate: The Crazy Hunter, Kay Boyle

Bookcase 1, Shelf 7: Brite, Poppy Z - Busch, Charles
Quantity: 32 / Quantity Read: 25
Candidates: Undue Influence, Anita Brookner; Tarzan of the Apes, Edgar Rice Burroughs


lewarkk said...

Oh my, handsome shelves/books indeed. Edgar Rice Burroughs fan here.

paul said...

Since you have time on your hands, you should "tag" the book spines a la Facebook for those difficult to read titles. (Yes, I did click and enlarge the picture.)

paul said...

"Bookcase 1, Shelf 5: Benson, EF - Blackburn, Julia
Quantity: 26 / Quantity Read: 18
Candidate: none"

Not up for a re-read of the Bernhard book?

DG Strong said...

Ha ha, no, it's time-consuming enough! I'll try and make the next batch of pics brighter, though.

Lauren B said...

I'd go with the Kay Boyle. I have lots too, if you want more.

Kaethe said...

Now this is fun. I've just added several to my list.

Cindy Conaway said...

Little Men is fun. I don't know how fun it is as an adult for the first time, but read in tandem with Little Women (before) and Jo's Boy's (after) it makes a nice trilogy.

Debi said...

I also vote for the Alcott. I re-read that series once every five years and they hold up very well.