Saturday, February 14, 2009

Young and pretty

Here is a picture that I was very happy to see: me and my friend Suzy at our friends John & David's wedding many many years ago. This was a big day: after this, which was all the way down the road in Monteagle, we drove back to town for Beth & Thom's wedding reception. I think we made a pretty couple: my seersucker is traditional blue and white; her dress was pink. I was wearing white saddle shoes. I wish I had known then that you're supposed to unbutton your jacket when you sat down because I was totally a 29-inch waist in those days and the buttoned jacket makes me look fat.

We look so young and pretty! My hair looked so cute! I HAD HAIR! Anyway. Picture courtesy of Kathryn Schoepflin.


Debi said...

This is beautiful, honey. I love it. Also, that may be one of the prettiest dresses I've ever seen.

There is a lot of lovely in your life.

nbm said...

Snappy hat, too.